Dallas Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance by Your Dallas Heating & Cooling Experts


When your cooling and heating appliances need servicing or maintenance, you need the Dallas air conditioning repairs and maintenance team. From our customer-friendly staff who takes your calls to the professional men and women who meet you to address your concerns, the team will be there from start to finish and your ultimate satisfaction.

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Air Conditioner Installation Dallas

Air conditioner efficiency is more than just the unit you choose. It is also how it is installed for maximum impact in your home or business. Our trained technicians can recommend quality AC options to suit your needs and install them correctly.

If your AC unit has passed its recommended lifespan, or you are spending an inordinate amount on constant AC repairs, it may be time to upgrade to a new AC unit. Yes, a new AC unit is a major investment. But, the money you would pay for frequent repairs and high energy bills warrants a new air conditioning unit.

ATC contractors in Dallas, Texas specialize in installing air conditioning units in homes and offices. Plus, our ATCs services includes helping our customers find accessible HVAC financing to help with new AC installations.

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AC Repairs in Dallas

At ATC, we help you keep your home or office comfortable all year round. In the summer, it’s keeping you cool with quality air conditioning repairs. Our certified air conditioning technicians can repair a variety of AC brands. And their superior work is backed by the ATC quality Warranties.

When you have quality air conditioning repair near you that you can rely on, it makes all the difference in how quickly your problems get resolved.

Have your local AC technicians in Dallas take care of all your AC repair needs. Contact ATC to have your AC repaired if you want to enjoy all the benefits and more that come with our expert repairs and servicing.

Heater Repairs Dallas

Furnace Repair, Maintenance, & Installation – Dallas

Stay warm with ATC’s furnace repairs and installations. Regularly scheduled comprehensive heater inspection and maintenance removes the unexpected and prepares you for any major repairs down the road. It prolongs the life of your furnace and contributes to an efficient heating system. This is one plan homeowners should invest in when they have a furnace system.

Repairs undertaken as soon as an issue is identified will catch problems before they escalate. So, keep an eye on your unit and listen out for any strange noises and take note of cooling or heating power loss, reduced airflow, and water pooling at the base of the unit. Contact a furnace repair technician once you identify any of these issues.

A service professional, such as those found at ATCs, will be able to quickly identify the cause of the problem and do the necessary repairs to allow you the safe and continued use of your furnace.

Residents of Dallas know that we are the best in service for quality maintenance, repairs, and installations. That’s why most of our clients choose to become a part of the ATC Family Plan Membership as it gives them added benefits. And since they know they will always call on us for service, why not take advantage of the offers we provide to our loyal customers.

You too can become a loyal member of the Around the Clock family and enjoy the benefits. If you want to know how well we can work together, then schedule your next furnace installation, repair, or annual heater maintenance with us. You’ll see the difference that courteous and knowledgeable staff with advanced training and qualifications brings to make your life better and more comfortable.