Ductless Mini Split AC Service in Dallas Fort Worth

Ductless air conditioners, or mini-splits, have gained popularity in recent decades. This is an efficient method for heating and cooling homes where traditional HVAC systems aren’t feasible, including add-ons and older homes without ductwork. Ductless ACs feature indoor and outdoor units, just like a heat pump. The difference is that warmed or cooled air exits directly from the indoor unit thanks to a built-in air handler. Multiple indoor units can attach to a single outdoor unit for zoned heating and cooling wherever you need it.

Looking for ductless AC installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth? The experienced technicians at Around the Clock can meet your needs! Our qualified team offers same-day service, upfront pricing, and flexible financing options to suit your budget.

Ductless AC Installation & Replacement

Mini Split ac services

A ductless air conditioner might be the perfect option for cooling your home without being tied down by traditional ductwork. Dallas Fort worth homeowners love this air conditioning options for many reasons:

  • Flexibility: One outdoor unit can support multiple indoor air handlers with their own thermostats. Operate each one independently for maximum energy savings and comfort.
  • Ease of installation: Without the need to install ductwork, ductless ACs are faster, easier, and cheaper to install than traditional HVAC equipment that requires new ducts. At the same time, mini-splits don’t block windows the way window AC units do, freeing up the view and allowing for more ventilation options.
  • Energy efficiency: By losing the inherent inefficiencies of leaky ductwork, ductless units can operate much more efficiently than comparable air conditioners.

The ductless AC replacement services from ATC will leave you feeling more comfortable in no time! Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

Ductless Air Conditioning Repair Vs Replacement

When your ductless unit isn’t doing its job, you need a qualified repair technician to fix it. Some common reasons you might need ductless AC repair in DFW include:

  • Inadequate heating or cooling
  • Rising energy costs
  • Leaky indoor unit
  • Odd noises or smells
  • Broken remote control or thermostat

Are you having problems with your ductless air conditioner? ATC Air can deliver the repair you need! so you’re not left with a malfunctioning unit for long.

Do you experience frequent issues with your air conditioning? If your AC isn’t cooling your home thoroughly when you turn it on, then there may be an underlying problem. When you live in Texas, a working air conditioner is essential to a happy, healthy, comfortable home. You might not know exactly what’s going on with your AC, but the AC repair specialists in Dallas and the surrounding areas at ATC we are here to help.

All of our technicians are NATE-certified and factory trained, which means regardless what the problem may be, we’ll get down to the bottom of it and have an efficient solution. Plus, we will fix your air conditioning using the latest HVAC repair technology. ATC techs have assisted homeowners across Irving and the Dallas metro area with expert air conditioning repairs, heat pumps, packaged products, ductless systems, digital solutions and central AC units. We can get your home back to the oasis it should be.

When to Call ATC For an AC Repair

Although inefficient cooling is the most common sign that indicates it’s time for an AC repair, there are several other reasons you should call a ATC professional.

If you notice any of the following issues with your air conditioning, your home could be suffering:

• Spaces won’t cool even when blasting the AC
• Frozen components on your air conditioner
• Uneven cooling throughout your home
• Weird smells or noises when you use your AC
• The thermostat is not functioning properly, or at all
• Your energy bill is unusually high
• When set to auto, your AC never seems to shut off or reach your desired temperature setting

High humidity in your home is another issue that can be unique to homes in Texas. Excess moisture leads to a number of health issues, not to mention the discomfort it can cause you and your family. Problems like mold and respiratory issues can actually be prevented with a high-quality air conditioning unit and regular tune-ups.

Whether you need a hybrid unit or want to learn more about the type of air conditioner that’s right for your home, the ATC pros can assess your home’s needs and find the perfect AC for you. The sooner you address problems with your air conditioning, the better off you and your home will be.

We understand that home health can’t wait, which is why you won’t see any overtime charges form us. Each time we are called out to your home, you and your home will be treated with the utmost care.

Air Conditioning Repair Services You Can Trust

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